Water Supply


Water supplied among the residents of Cantonment Board, Jabalpur from the three Places i.e.
(1) Tagore Garden Pump House,
(2) Katanga Pump House and Karondi Pum House.

(1) Tagore Garden Pump House
Sumpwell of 2.00 Lakh Gallon, overhead tank of 1.00 lakh Gallon situated in the Tagore Garden Pump House, which is supplied 06 Lakh gallons Water in the area of Sadar, Modiwada, and some area of Katanga. The water is supplied in the Tagore Garden Pump House through Borewell where submersible Pump of 15 HP and 20 HP are installed by the Cantt. Board. For water of Tagore Graden Pump House some Borewell also driiling in the Waterworks Road and Bilhari Road which is attached with pipe line and connected with the sumpwell of Tagore Garden. There are 11 Nos. of Bore-well under working condition.

(2) Katanga Pump House
There are Sumpwell of 40000 and 200000 gallons water and one overhead tank of 25000 gallons in the Katanga Pump House. The water supplied from the Tagore Garden Pump House and three drilled borewell from Narmada Road. The water supplied to APR Colony, Sanjay Gandhi Nagar, Housing Board Colony, JDA Colony, and some area of Rajivgandhi Nagar from the Katanga Pump House. 2 lakh gallons water supplied daily in thse areas from the Katanga Pump House.

(3) Karondi Pump House
There are one sumpwell of 40000 gallons and one natural spring in the Karondi Pump House which is supplied 1 lakh gallon water daily in all the Karondi area.
Cantonment Board also maintained 195 Handpumps, 50 wells and 200 public taps in the Cantt area. Cantt Board obtained the water from the under ground water resources. There is also one plan is in progress for Rain water harvesting in the Ridge Bazar and Motilal Nehru Hospital. Cantonment also used the bleaching powder for cleaning of water . Water for residents of Gorabazar is supplied from the Municipal Corporation, jabalpur where the payment of water charges is paid by the Cantt Board, Jabalpur.